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Can I Also Monetize In Meta(Facebook)?

    How to Monetize on Meta(Facebook)         You can monetize through Meta(Facebook) in various ways, but the conditions for monetization are stricter than other platforms.   Let's learn about monetization methods and the conditions that must be met for each method.             There a re roughly 5 ways to monetize in Meta   1. In-Stream Ads (On-demands, Live)   2. Brand Collabs   3. Subscriptions   4. Stars   5. Instant Articles                   How to Check Monetization Eligibility   Monetization eligibility requirements apply to any Facebook tools that allow you to make money from your content.     Your monetization eligibility can be affected by a combination of factors, but Creator Studio gives you a quick way to keep track of your eligibility status.                 1. Go to Facebook section in Creator Studio. 2. Select the Monetization tab, then click Overview.       While the steps to monetize on Facebook are easy to activate, achieving them takes a lot more effort.  So n

[Musiciain Interview] 'SUPERTRACKER,' My Alternate Character

    [Musician Interview]  Q.  Hello,  ‘SUPERTRACKER’ . Please introduce yourself to our readers.   ​ A.   Hello, I am SUPERTRACKER. I compose and arrange music. I am currently working hard to promote myself by operating YouTube cannels about Pop music and background music.         Q.   Nice to meet you. First question is, do you think about specific genres and uses (VLOGs, Pet YouTube etc.) when you compose background music? ​     ​ A.   Mostly I don’t keep something specific in mind, but when it comes to genre of the track, most time I refer to what I feel at that time, or videos I have watched. Generally, I tend to write songs freely.    What I try to focus on is mood of the song. I think of videos, illustrations, images as an outline and compose a song based on the outline. Sometimes, of course, I do compose freely, even without these outlines.      Q.  You seem to have a very broad spectrum of music. What are the sources of inspiration for you, as musician ‘SUPERTRACKER’?   A.  I

[Musician Interview] Whenever You Need VLOG Music: 'Kingle' Interview

  [Musician Interview]    Q.   Hello,   ‘kingle’ . Please introduce yourself to our readers.   ​ A.   Hello, my name is Kim Young Bin, and I am a musician who uploads music to SellBuyMusic, father of a child, and a caregiver of a cat and a dog.       Q.   Nice to meet you. First question is, do you think about specific genres and uses (VLOGs, Pet YouTube etc.) when you compose background music?   A.   I try to work on while thinking about various things. Since traveling has become difficult after COVID situation, People abroad tend to watch a lot of VLOG videos. Personally, I am a caregiver of a dog and a cat, so I often think about my dog and cat when composing songs.   I love to cook by myself, so I watch a lot of cooking contents, and I also like mystery contents (Diva Jessica Channel). I tend to make songs based on what I watch and what I like.     Q.   When composing background music, is there anything particular that you focus on?   A.   To check if my songs go

Anime Channel Copyright Controversy and YouTube Policy

    Last December, Anime YouTuber Mark Fitzpatrick (Totally Not Mark) who has over 700 thousand subscribers received 150 copyright strikes on three years’ worth of videos.  Through his channel, Mark revealed that Toei Animation had requested the removal of up to 150 videos that contained material from Dragon Ball and One Piece (and given the long form, full series reviews on his channel, it made up for quite a huge percentage and years of work).                   Mark creates montages of the anime he’s reviewing, discussing the work through voice-over.  It’s a format many video game reviewers employ to talk about their favorite parts of the game. Whether it is legal or not, however, varies by country.  Controversy over Anime YouTube channels basically starts from this point.                 Fair Use Policy Difference between Countries Causing the Problem         In  the United States , this usage generally falls under ‘fair use‘ in terms of copyright law.     There are four factors, wh