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What is a Music License? / Types of Music License🤷

            What is a Music License?     Music license refers to the legally It is an agreement to use the song for a certain purpose and for a certain time.     What are the Types of Music License?   1.       Synchronization License (Sync License)   When sync license is applied, it means that music is going to be paired with some form of visual media. It has a broad range of uses, including commercials, TV shows and series, films, streaming advertisements, internal communications, YouTube videos and more.   In fact, when people refer to the “music license”, it usually means this synchronization license.   2.       Mechanical License Mechanical License is a kind of license you need if you are going to reproduce an artist’s work into physical production such as CDs or any other tangible forms.    It is also needed when you are recording a cover song, re-mixing a song, or changing any elements that make up the original music.      3.       Master License   Master License are usually issu

🥇Artist of the Month May, 2022🥇 - BGM YAMYAM, ayalmusic

          Unlike other one-way websites that consumers just simply purchase music from, SellBuyMusic is an Open Market where you can buy and sell background music.       For musicians, SellBuyMusic have launched an artist page ( ๑ •̀ ㅁ• ́ ๑ ) as a communication channel between artists and users.       Buyers can listen to the artist's songs at once and communicate with them through likes and comments.       Along with the artist page, you can also find 'Artist of the Month' selected monthly by SellBuyMusic staffs!       Second interview of “Artist of the Month” is with musician “ayalmusic” and “BGM YAMYAM”       Let’s first take a look at the interview with  BGM YAMYAM !         BGM YAMYAM           ​ Q.    Please introduce yourself. What genre of music do you usually make?     A.    Nice to meet you. I am a composer of video background music, and I upload music to SellBuyMusic under the name of “BGM YAMYAM”. I usually compose healing music and cute background music that ca