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Free Sound Effects - Question / Ding / Alarm / Beep / Tadah

            Question / ding / alarm / beep / tadah sounds are sound effects video editors often need.   When changing scenes, or when attention is needed these sounds are very useful.       Here are links to each category, and all are free! All you have to do is to copy and paste the credit into video detail when you upload the video!             1.       Ding       2.       Pop       3.       Ding ding         4.       Ding 2             5.       Pling             6.       Alarm sound       7.       Beep sound   A.        Short beep

How Creators Use Background Music

    Depending on how you apply soundtracks, the mood and quality of your video changes.   For some of creators who might have difficulty selecting the music and decide how to use it, h ere are some references of how SellBuyMusic members used our music in their videos.       1.    The Katana Performance Demonstration by BladeMan B       BladeMan B uploads Japanese Fencing videos. You can watch various swordmanship technique performance, and its tutorials.   In the video above, BladeMan B performs katana technique to the music named “Ilikdangcheon” which is a maxim meaning someone is very good at martial arts.   Blending of rock genre and Korean traditional instrument sound adds a sense of speed to BladeMan B’s beautiful martial arts technique.       2.    ASMR MUKBANG | 4 million!! FIRE Noodles & Burger & Cheetos(Fried Rice Cake)Cheese stick recipe ! - SIO ASMR       Do you enjoy watching Mukbang?   SIO ASMR is a Mukbang channel with over 6 million subscri

Interview with Philtre, K-Pop Hitmaker of BTS, Dynamic Duo, Lee Hi etc.

    Good news to K-pop fans who love BTS, Dynamic Duo, Lee Hi, NCT127 ’s music!   SellBuyMusic and composer Philtre, had a special collaboration, and you can use Philtre’s music as background music without concerning about copyright problems!   ↓ ↓ ↓ Listen to Philtre's New Track, Leaf Road ↓ ↓ ↓         To some of you who might not know, let me introduce you some tracks Philtre was involved in composing                 Dynamic Duo x CHEN – nosedive   Dynamic Duo – Without You, Friday Night   BTS – Stigma   NCT127 – Save   JONGHYUN - Déjà-Boo(feat. Zion.T)   OH HYUK – A Little Girl (Reply 1988 OST)   Lee Hi – Breathe   AKMU – Time And Fallen Leaves, Will Last Forever ​          According to Hitmaker Philtre, his new track named “Autumn Road” is a soothing jazz/r&b track that matches well with Vlog, Travel theme videos.     In the interview, Philtre thalked about behind stories of recording with Dynamic Duo, and his insight about K-Pop industry trend.   Check out more about Ph

How to Legally Use Copyrighted Music

    We can often find some videos using popular songs, and contents creators may question,     Why don’t these videos receive copyright claims from YouTube?   How much revenue can the uploader of the video take?       We prepared his post is to answer these questions.                Can I Use Copyrighted Music in YouTube?       The answer is, No, but it can be okay depending on situations.   In detail,            1.       Using No copyright Music library.   Some of you might already be using free music sources from sites like YouTube or SoundCloud.     You need to be careful, however, because the provider can change their mind and officially release the track on music platforms like Spotify or YouTube Music, it might cause copyright claims later.     In this case, channel monetization may be affected or the channel may even be suspended.           2.       Using Royalty-Free Music Websites       Royalty-free Websites are where you can download tracks that are good-to-use in YouTube.  

Royalty-Free Websites Comparison

  artlist, epidemic sound, premium beat, sellbuymusic     To Be a CREATOR, it is not an option to use Royalty-Free Music in your creation.   Many of you might be wondering which one to choose from among the many royalty-free music companies.   This posting is to help those who are struggling because they couldn’t decide which website to use, and need to compare plan type, price and convenience at a gla nce.           1.     Types of Subscription plan   Before jumping on to the main topic, we have to mind that most of royalty-free music websites, prices and types of plan are different depending on who is using it( personal, commercial or enterprise).   Chart Below is about which kind of plans each company have.      SellBuyMusic  Artlist  Epidemic Sound  Premium Beat  Personal By Track Annual Plan  Annual Plan  Monthly Plan    By Track Monthly Plan(5 Tracks)  Commercial By Track Annual Plan    Monthly Plan   Enterprise  Inquiry Required  Inquiry Required   Epidemic Sound and Premium onl