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Quick Tips on How to Create YouTube Thumbnails

      Why Are YouTube Thumbnails Important? The video thumbnail is the first thing that viewers see when browsing through YouTube. It’s a small, clickable static image that either grabs their attention – or lets them scroll on by. Thumbnails can be just as important as a video’s title because it provides a preview of your video and entice viewers to click through. You can instantly grab people’s attention with vibrant, eye-catching thumbnails, which means your content will gain more potential viewers with thumbnails.     So rather than just using freeze frames from your YouTube, it will be much effective to create one by your own. It isn’t difficult as you think because there are free online tools, made specifically for people who might not have design experience, that can help you craft custom thumbnails .     Free Online YouTube Thumbnail Maker   1.      Foto Jet 2.      Canva

2022 National Puppy Day Celebration🎉Free Music and SFXs for Fluffy Friends🐾

  March 23rd is National Puppy Day!🐾     To celebrate the anniversary for our fluffy friends, we have prepared some FREE background Music and SFXs😘       FREE MUSIC 1. Waddle BGM     Download Link👇           2. Glorious Day       Download Link👇           3. Cuty Dreamy       Download Link👇     4. Arcade Game           Download Link👇     FREE Sound Effects               neighborhood dogs barking sound dog toy squeaks sound Hello Son Sound Catoon Duck dog panting fast sound     dog licking sound   http

Background Music to Make Your Presentation Better

    Why Do I Need Background Music for Presentations?   Presentation background music works great in slide-shows, PowerPoint (ppt), pitchdeck and also school presentations. Using music in presentations is ideal for getting more attention, inspirational and uplifting feeling in your projects. Especially in pandemic era, your audience will possibly be viewing your presentation online, without any accompanying verbal explanation. Embedding music will make the presentation experience more enjoyable for viewers.   In addition, if you are delivering your presentation for an audience and your presentation has a slideshow segment that do not require much of verbal explanation, you might want to embed music to keep the audience attentive.   Playing music during your presentation can help your audience stay engaged, and also help the audience remember the message of your presentation.       How to choose the right background music for your business presentation   Whether you are sending your pit

How To Use No Copyright Music for Free😆

Did you know that there are free sound tracks available only for SellBuyMusic members?   If you are using our paid subscription, you can download without limit. Even if you are not a paid user, you can download one song per day for free.         How to Download SellBuyMusic Free BGM     If you are using our paid subscription, you can download without limit.   Even if you are not a paid user, you can download one song per day for free.       All you have to do is to sign up to our website and then click “free” menu on the top!           Now, Choose the track you need, and then download.         You can monetize from these free tracks, just like paid contents!    One thing you need to keep in mind, however, is that you need to make sure the  credit must be visible when you upload your own content using these tracks!     How to Copy and Paste Song Credits   Click the “copy credit” button, and the credit info will automatically be copied to your clipboard.       For example, if you are pla