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[Creator Focus] Story of 'Pponi', Bread Mukbang Creator

#Creator Focus   The Story of YouTuber ‘Pponi’ Who Chose Youtube over Office Life   Going to college, getting a job, getting married and so on. Our society defines these as an ‘ordinary life’, and we often face pressure to follow this route.   We met and interviewed YouTube creator ‘Pponi’, who is walking her own way of life, even though she often feels anxiety about her ‘unusual’ life.   Pponi started a bread reviewing channel to break the habit of binging and fasting. At the beginning she prepared for getting a job and worked as an YouTube creator at the same time.  She is now working as a full-time YouTuber because she realized how she loves creating YouTube videos and she wanted to live the way she wanted to.     Now let’s meet Pponi, an YouTube creator with 90k subscribers , who is showing her true self through her channel, from bread reviews to daily life .           Q. Nice to meet you, Pponi! Please introduce yourself briefly to the readers.   A. Nice to

[Creator Focus] Miso-Neogul Plays 'Double-Role' in Her Life

    #Creator Focus   Full time worker in the morning, YouTube creator at night. Miso-neogul plays double roll in her life.     The two biggest sayings for office workers are ‘I quit’ and ‘I’m making my own YouTube channel’. For me, there is a YouTube channel that started off with eager and got forgotten after uploading 3 videos. Today we sat down with whom will be a role-model for those who want to serve two ends.     Miso-neogul is a full time worker and a creator who is steadily creating contents from a long time from Naver blog to YouTube. Starting with beauty videos, now her Vlog shows her working in service areas naturally and gets sympathy from many office workers at the same time.     Today we sat down with Miso-neogul, who cares consistently about her 8 million subscribers.                    Q. Hello Miso-neogul! Please give a little introduction about yourself. Hello everyone. I’m Miso-neogul, Jung Mina. I’m 38 years old, working as a full-time worker and having second

Christmas Edition! Background Music & SFXs

    Have a happy Christmas with SellBuyMusic Christmas Edition! On today's post, we have prepared some christmas theme background music, and free Christmas sound effects. We will also introduce you some YouTube videos using these sources.  Christmas Theme Royalty-Free Playlists   1.   Unique Carol Collection 🎅🤘       Tired of same carols being played every year?   SellBuyMusic has over 1,000 musicians with unique styles. We have not only covers of old carol music, but also some unique style of Christmas theme music.   So if you want ‘something like christmas’ but something new at the same time, take a look at this playlist!               2. 🎄 Romantic Christmas Background Music 🔔     Sometimes Classic is the best. Here are some Christmas carols we need every Christmas season. Tracks in this playlist are mostly popular, classic Christmas songs, but with a little bit of arrangements.

[Creator Focus] Tune in to ‘DAJUNG’s Beautiful Harmony of Film and Music

  #Creator Focus     ASAP = As Slow As Possible       In a busy day, but feeling like going on a slow tempo, I make sure to watch YouTube creator Dajung’s video. I could take a breath with her videos in a hectic schedule.   Today we sat down with Dajung, who is now currently running her YouTube channel, ‘DAJUNG’ . Having 2.5 million subscribers, she shows us vlogs and interior styling videos, making her own ‘Dajunglicious’ world in YouTube. From this interview we contained difficulties she’s having about balancing between film and music, and lastly aspects of life what Dajung is pursuing. If you are a big fan of her videos, it’s sure to feel her warmth in this interview.               Q. Hello, Dajung! Give us a little introduction about yourself! A. Hello everyone! Always with you ,I am Min Dajung, currently running my YouTube channel ‘DAJUNG’! I’ve worked 10 years as a software engineer developer, but quit my job in April of 2020 due to burn-out and now working as a contents creator.